Fine Dying, a Victorian dinner party in decay


Group show curated by Paola Bjaringer and Misschiefs at Linnégatan 4, together with Anna Nordström, ButchXFemme, Lotta Lampa, Isa Andersson, Maria Pita Guerreiro. The concept of Fine Dying was inspired from “Professions of a Woman” by Virgina Woolf written in 1931.

Sara Szyber is showing a collection of unique glass pieces ranging from bottles, vases, drinking glasses, salt holders and a goblet in shape of an hourglass. The glass pieces are skewed, stained and have been stamped with skulls… “I have been working with the concept of Memento mori, with unbalance and decay. In this I see both the ephemeral and something absolutely solid – as death itself.” On display February 7-27 (Linnégatan 4, Stockholm).