Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024


Armchair in recycled CLT, designed by Sara Szyber

The armchair is made entirely from recesses from house production and produced at Stolfabriken AB in Tibro. By refining the recesses to glue joint, the material has been transformed into an elegant and strong board that can be surface treated, upgraded and recycled in the long term. The cushion is made by the Swedish Wool Mattress Company and filled with wool.

In Sweden, there is extensive production of wall elements for buildings in cross-laminated timber (CLT). They consist of layer-glued boards of spruce, where every second layer is in a 90° turn to the next layer. During production, holes are made for doors and windows. The leftover recesses are a great resource. It is soft, light and strong and can be surface treated in various ways. Today a large proportion is chipped for heating and only a small proportion is upcycled into new products.

Upcycling the recesses is a climate benefit because carbon dioxide continues to be stored in wood products. We want to show that there is a potential to work with residual materials as more than a one-off product, where a concrete example is our floor KL+ for Almedalsgolv.

Since 2022, Sara Szyber and Marc Hoogendijk have collaborated to explore how we can increase the value and use of the recesses from Swedish house production. We have applied a practical investigative method and identified several opportunities to develop sustainable applications of the recesses as a circular resource.

Mötesplats Steneby is a hub and idea developer for the creative and cultural industries in Dalsland and a member of the 100Gruppen. We will show our furniture in co-operation with Mötesplats Steneby in 100Gruppen stand, A02:15A. Most welcome!