• Sprinkler (1993-98) was a group of designers within different disciplines such as textile, architecture, photo, graphic design, furniture, ceramics and glass. The group shared the idea of a mutual context where we could professionally develop the Swedish design heritage in a modern way. Several projects were carried out in collaboration with R.O.O.M, Fogia and Stockholm Kulturhuvudstad ’98. Sprinkler also shared at combined shop and gallery. The members where Katarina Andersson, Marita Axelsson, Johan Carpner, Alexander Crispin, Mats Hansson, Maria Larsson, Måns Malmborg, Carl-Johan Rydell, Carina Seth-Andersson, Sara Szyber. Pictures show some of the items of Sara Szyber’s work for Sprinkler.

Collective Design Project - Sprinkler