• In 2021, the Axel Larsson Memorial Fund Scholarship awarded Sara Szyber for “a furniture design that stands firmly in the Swedish furniture tradition while taking a new direction through its own design language and new production techniques, as in the Check Mate armchair. An armchair with a strong presence through a decorative checkerboard pattern, printed directly on the armchair’s visible birch wood frame, creating an interaction between the two-dimensional grid and the armchair’s three-dimensional spatiality. This is tradition and innovation at its best.” The prize was awarded by the Swedish Design Association/Svensk Form.


    Check Mate Chairs are an extension of the furniture project Death Proof Cabinet – with print of patterns on birch block board wood, in combination with metal. The printed pattern give the chairs their own unique character, with a contemporary connection to inlay art. Different back heights offers different types of seating, while there is a common design language through the clear shape of the metal base. (Sara Szyber, 2021)


Check Mate Chairs - Sara Szyber