• Fine Dying was an exhibition concept inspired by the text “Professions for women”of Virginia Woolf, which was showed at Misschiefs, Linnégatan 4 in February 2022. From a common starting point of Woolf’s words and the idea of “fine dying”, six artists were invited by the curator Paola Bjaringer to participate in the installation. Anna Nordström, Lotta Lampa, Isa Andersson, Maria Pita Guerreiro, ButchXFemme and Sara Szyber created individual, unique and handmade objects that took place on and around a dinner table.

    For “Fine Dying” Sara Szyber designed over 15 unique glass objects and collaborated with glassblowers Eino Mäkelä and Stockholm Glas. There were the Woolf Vases in different sizes, Skew Glasses, various Parent Bottles, Larmes Salt Holders and Drain Hourglass. The objects took inspiration from the concept of memento mori, adding the notion of decay through intentional irregularities, imperfections, bubbles and dust powder. Especially for the Fine Dying-collection, a brass skull tool was invented to stamp into the glass objects.

    This collective exhibition was invited and showed at Fabbrica Bini during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, June 6-12. Thanks to Konstnärsnämnden, supporting the stay in Milan. Photos by Daniel Camerini. (Misschiefs, 2022)

‘Fine Dying’ - Misschiefs